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Case No. CPC-2013-2377-DB-CDP-SPP-MEL

As of 10/23/2021 05:37:45 AM

Summary Information

Community: Venice Status: Disapproved
Address: 1414 S Main St 90291 LUPC Staff: Mia Herron
Lat/Lng: 33.9891995000, -118.4715947000 NC: Venice
Contact: Brian Silveira (310)753-1090 CD No: 11
Applicant: Applied: 08/05/2013
Description: Revised: 04/16/2014
Created: / /
Specific Plan: North Subarea
Zone: C2-1
ZIMAS: LA City Zone Info Map Navigate Offsite
Related Cases: 33231,ENV-2013-2378-EAF 33368,TT-72350-CN
Project Name: Project Type: DB-DENSITY BONUS

Case Notes

No staff notes on file.

Events Calendar

01/15/2014 06:45:00 PMLUPC HearingOpen to Public Comment.
12/18/2013 09:00:00 PMLUPC Hearing
11/20/2013 06:45:00 PMLUPC HearingCase will be heard first, and allocated at least 60 minutes. No motion scheduled.
11/06/2013 06:45:00 PMLUPC Hearing
10/16/2013 06:45:00 PMLUPC HearingInformal presentation, no motion will be considered at this time. the applicant wants to show the project to the community. First of several meetings.
10/10/2013 07:00:00 PMNC OutreachApplicant to show project plans at the site.

Individual Case Files

Document Title Category Upload Date File Link File Size
Master Land Use Permit ApplicationApplication10/02/2013 14:32:22(4.4mb)
Coastal Development Permit Application (1 of 2)Application10/10/2013 13:18:12(3.4mb)
Coastal Development Permit Application (2 of 2)Application10/10/2013 13:19:28(4.6mb)
Renderings / Plans / ElevationsDrawing, Elevation10/10/2013 13:20:50(2.4mb)
Site PlanDrawing, Plot Plan10/10/2013 13:24:00(1.2mb)
Community Outreach Letter #1Letter10/10/2013 13:25:16(3.7mb)
Community Outreach Letter - Certified Mail ReceiptMisc10/10/2013 13:25:42(157.8kb)
Project Permit Compliance FindingsApplication10/10/2013 13:26:10(93.6kb)
Radius MapMisc10/10/2013 13:26:52(1.1mb)
Traffic MemoReport, Final10/16/2013 19:15:02(1.5mb)
Density Bonus Explanation EmailMisc10/16/2013 19:18:10(298.5kb)
Community Outreach Letter #2Misc11/12/2013 9:37:10(3.7mb)
Community Outreach Letter #2 - Mailing List & BTC ReceiptMisc11/12/2013 9:37:52(1.1mb)
Traffic Memo - 12/11/2013Report, Final12/15/2013 14:47:24(2.4mb)
Height ExhibitionApplication12/15/2013 14:49:24(3.8mb)
Elevation RenderingsDrawing, Elevation12/15/2013 14:50:24(3.7mb)
Staff Report DRAFTReport, Final01/12/2014 20:56:00(431.2kb)
Alley Width DrawingDrawing, Plot Plan01/12/2014 21:10:04(1.1mb)
Pro FormaReport, Misc01/18/2014 10:03:04(122.9kb)

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